Employee Handbook

Chapter A2:

Titles for Data Analysts

We use the following criteria to assess the level and title of our data analysts at SALT Insure. These criteria aren’t exhaustive, and they aren’t mere checklists. They’re a guidance to having an individualized discussion about career progression.

General job description

  • Analyzes complex business problems and issues using data from internal and external sources to provide insight to decision-makers.
  • Identifies and interprets trends and patterns in datasets to locate influences.
  • Constructs forecasts, recommendations and strategic/tactical plans based on business data and market knowledge.
  • Creates specifications for reports and analysis based on business needs and required or available data elements.
  • May provide consultation to users and lead cross-functional teams to address business issues.
  • May directly produce datasets and reports for analysis using system reporting tools.

Level specific traits

Senior Data Analyst (L3)

  • Work doesn’t necessarily need to be reviewed, but general approach may be.
  • Comfortable operating as a manager of one, self-directing scope of work and setting timelines independently.
  • Can provide informed advice to other teams on how best to approach data-related problems.
  • Usually at least 5 years of experience.

Lead Data Analyst (L4)

  • Work happens completely autonomously with no regular need for review.
  • Helps set and maintain professional standards for the entire organization.
  • Capable of running and directing small self-organized teams for projects.
  • Writes new procedures and documentation regularly; trains others throughout the company on how to access data unaided.
  • Capable of making substantial, independent changes to the data analytics tooling and workflow.
  • Usually at least 8 years of experience.

Principal Data Analyst (L5)

  • Can set and direct an entire department towards one goal and capable of running and directing those teams for substantive long-term projects.
  • Invents new concepts, pushes the whole organization forward regularly.
  • Regularly publishes and shares analysis process insights inside and outside the company.
  • Capable of designing and architecting new data analytics tooling and workflows.
  • Usually at least 12 years of experience.