Employee Handbook

Chapter 5:

Who Does What

Figuring out who to bring a particular issue or question to shouldn’t be a guessing game. Most concerns fall pretty clearly within the responsibility of a specific team at SALT Insure, and the head of that team should be the first point of contact. At the same time, every single person who works at SALT Insure is approachable and friendly, more than willing to point you in the right direction. If you have a question, you’re probably not the first, so speak up!

For now, our team is small. The truth is we like it that way. That said, below is a list of the major groups and teams within the company. This is mostly hopeful definitions as we embark on our early stages. They’re listed in alphabetical order by group name first and then, when relevant, by team. Inside groups/teams, people are listed in alphabetical order by last name, and the most senior people in a group/team are shown in bold.


Right now we have one executive at SALT Insure.


Jonathan Simmons is our President and runs all things products. He’s principally responsible for setting the overall direction of the company. That means deciding when to embark on a new version of a Product or experiment with a side project.


The design team is currently overseen by Jonathan Simmons.

  • Lead Designer - David Link


The programming team is currently overseen by Jonathan Simmons.

  • Programmer - Blake Prudhomme
  • Programmer - Jonathan Simmons

Potential future teams

  • Data
  • Marketing
    • Mobile
    • Video / Motion
    • Web / Desktop
  • Product Strategy
  • Technical Operations
  • QA