Employee Handbook

Chapter 7:

Getting Started


Getting started at SALT Insure can be overwhelming. There are a lot of little details, a number of big tasks, you’re learning a new job and new coworkers, and you’re likely doing all these things while working remotely. Your SALT Insure’ buddy, your Ops’ buddy, and your manager are all here to help. If you don’t know how to set up your machine (or why you’re setting up something on your machine!), please ask. There is no set time period for most training periods, but most people are up to speed in about 3 months.

Your Buddy

Usually when you start a new job in an office, it’s clear who does what. Chris sets up your desk and gives you your new red Swingline stapler. Abbi in HR explains your benefits package. Your cubemate Ilana is right next to you, and she can tell you who to ask about payroll. In a remote company, it’s a little less clear. Even when you know who does what, it’s still nice to have a work buddy to ping when you don’t know where to turn. So we set up a SALT Insure’ Buddy system. When you start, you’ll be assigned a buddy. They’ll introduce themselves, and they’re totally willing to point you in the right direction when you need it. Of course, everyone is available to help, but it’s nice to have a dedicated best work friend.