Employee Handbook

Chapter A9:

State FMLA

New York

If you’re an eligible secondary caregiver in the state of New York, you may be able to take up to 10 weeks leave.


  • This is a voluntary plan fully funded by SALT Insure. Employees will not be taxed for this plan.
  • This plan is effective April 1, 2019, and in effect for no less than a year and continuously thereafter.
  • Current and future employees of SALT Insure, LLC are eligible for this policy.
  • The definition of Family member can be found in the WA state law RCW 50A.04.010.
  • New child is defined as a new birth, adoption, or fostered minor.
  • A “Primary Caregiver” is the person who provides the child with the majority of their care during Parental Leave.
  • A “Secondary Caregiver” is a parent who is accompanied by the presence of the “Primary Caregiver”. In practice, one example of this policy would be one parent home full-time with a new child as a “Primary Caregiver” and the other parent home part-time as a “Secondary Caregiver”.
  • If 70% of your pay is lower than what Washington State would pay under the state requirement, we will supplement to meet that requirement.
  • All durations allowed in this policy are on a 52 consecutive week period.
  • Benefits are allowed per event and do not have a total annual cap. For example, one medical event in March would not reduce the benefit for a medical event in October provided they are unrelated and occurred separately.
  • An employee must be in employment for 820 hours during the qualifying period (“Qualifying period” means the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters or, if eligibility is not established, the last four completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the application for leave). The employee must also have worked at least 340 hours for the employer during the 12 months immediately preceding the date leave will commence. An employee that had coverage under the state plan retains the state plan coverage until the employee qualifies for coverage under the employer’s voluntary plan. If an employee was eligible to take benefits under the approved voluntary plan of a previous employer, that employee would be immediately eligible for benefits under the current employer’s voluntary plan.
  • In addition to the 12 weeks outlined in the company wide policy, as the the birthing parent you may take an additional 2 weeks of leave at $1,000 a week if pregnancy complications result in a longer recovery period.
  • If one of your family members is under treatment or recovery for a serious medical condition and requires your care, you may take 4 weeks off at 100% pay. If after 4 weeks you need more time, you may take up to an additional 8 weeks at 70% of your pay for a total of 12 weeks.
  • A secondary caregiver in Washington State, on Family Leave may take an additional 6 weeks of Family Leave, at $1,000 per week for those 6 weeks. This is in addition to the Family Leave given to all employees regardless of their state of residence.
  • Family and personal leave may be taken together for a total of up to 16 weeks. If you are the birthing parent and require additional time to recover, you may take an additional 2 weeks at $1,000 per week for a total of 18 weeks.
  • If one of your family members is in the military and you experience an exigency circumstance, SALT Insure has you covered. Exigency circumstances can include short-notice deployment, military events and related activities, childcare and school activities, counseling, and post- deployment activities. You may take 4 weeks off at 100% pay. If after 4 weeks you need more time, you may take up to an additional 8 weeks at 70% of your pay for a total of 12 weeks. Benefits will be calculated according to the Washington State policy - RCW 50A.04.020(4) and (5).
  • SALT Insure will continue to maintain your health insurance and your job at SALT Insure through the duration of your leave.