Employee Handbook

Chapter 3:

What Influenced Us

If you want to learn the SALT Insure view of the world, it helps to know what influences helped form it. Even though SALT Insure was founded in 2019, Jonathan has been in product and software development for over 10 years prior. In that time, there’s been a number of key influences that have marked the company culture.


Basecamp: Previously 37 Signals, Basecamp is a company led by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) and Jason Fried. Their view is simply different. They’ve challenged the status quo and have been more successful than most startups all while maintaining a vibrate happy team. This team, and particularly DHH and Jason are a huge inspiration for a large portion of what we do today.

The perspective shift I gained from following the Basecamp team is immeasurable. It has truly changed the course of my career. - Jonathan


  • Rework: An exploration on thinking beyond the standard business blueprint.
  • Remote: Remote isn’t just an option at SALT Insure it’s our default. If you’ve never worked remote before start here.
  • It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work: SALT Insure began in 2019. This book is a primer on our vision and launching pad as we begin.
  • Atomic Habits: This helped us reshape the way we view success and proved that change doesn’t need to be big to be powerful.